The last battle

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The cannons that fired on September 11, 1814 set off the Battle of Plattsburgh, the last fight of the War of 1812. Two Canadians go south of the border to make things right.
By Rick Boychuk with photography by Patrice Halley



On a sunny autumn morning — September 11, 1814, to be exact — four heavily armed British ships accompanied by a dozen gunboats sailed into a bay on Lake Champlain in upper New York State. They immediately opened a murderous fire with long-range guns on an American fleet lined up in defence of the village of Plattsburgh. One of the British cannonballs arced over the bay and flew through the door of a brick house that happened to be the headquarters of American General Alexander Macomb. It remains, to this day, lodged in the wall of that house and deep in the historical memory of every proud Plattsburgher.

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